For the struggling learner, homework time can be the worst part of the day. Parents struggle with children to get homework done. This simple trick can change the mood and help a child feel more ready. Do this exercise before every homework session and reap the rewards.

Children who avoid homework are experiencing emotional pain


Could one weird simple posture trick help you to get your child to do their homework?

Well it just might be. Let me show you how. I’ll do that in just a sec.\


I call it “Anything but homework syndrome”

Because kids will do anything but homework

They’ll procrastinate. They’ll throw tantrums. They’ll get upset and cry. They’ll drop pencils. They’ll forget their homework at school. They’ll have to go to the bathroom over and over. They’ll act cute to distract you. Just about anything but homework.

You end up spending hours for something that should take 20-30 minutes or so. It’s a whole lot of wasted time. That doesn’t do anyone any good. It cuts into everyone’s time. It causes relationship problems.

It’s just horrible.

Now, of course they are doing this because they are in pain. They are having emotional issues around homework. But we’ll cover that later. Let’s get to a quick solution that can really help.

Not this solution is going to seem a little weird. So let me explain why it works before I show you. Otherwise you’re just going to think I’m weird.

This trick comes from Amy Cuddy. She holds a PHD in behavioral psychology from Princeton, She’s an associate professor at Harvard AND she actually suffered from and recovered from a brain injury.

So she knows her stuff

Hat tip to Amy Cuddy for this.

The idea is this. When we have certain emotions it shows in our body. You ever see a depressed, whoa is me, teenager walk.

Iiiiiiiittttttttssssssss ssssssssssoooooooooooooo hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrdddddddd

Well the interesting thing is it works in reverse. Not only do your emotions affect your posture. But your posture affects your emotions.

Don’t believe me. Try standing like a depressed teenager for three minutes. You can pause this if you want to try.


Ok, well I hope you didn’t actually do that. Because if you did you probably feel terrible now. Don’t do that again.


It’s probably better that we use postures that make us feel good instead of bad. Amy Cuddy calls this “power posing”

Basically closed body positions   [arms crossed] are weak, feel bad positions

Open body positions are feel good power poses.

We’re going to use the most open pose of all.

Jane McConigal, author of “Reality is Broken” calls it Fiero.

Fiero is what we feel after we triumph over adversity. You know it when you feel it – and when you see it. That’s because we almost all express fiero in exactly the same way: we throw our arms over our head and yell.

- Reality is Broken

It’s the victory pose.

Everybody does it naturally. It’s universal across all cultures. Because it’s hardwired into us.

So we are going to use the victory pose to change attitude.

All you do is take a wide stance and hold your hands out like this

Now for best results you’ll want to hold this position for 3 minutes with a big smile.

If they won’t smile they can put a pencil in their mouth


You can do lots of variations on this.

Like this one I call the “victory crawl”

It’s straight crawls  alternated with marching in the victory pose.

or if your really good you can do “victory cross crawls”

Do exercise

Do these for about 3 minutes or more

This is going to get some blood flowing to the brain. Stimulate new neuron growth, called neurogenesis, and change attitudes for the better.

After doing this you and your child should feel great and be ready to get down to work.

Now this is a great trick. I would do this before any homework session. It has some wonderful benefits and should really help.

But it’s not the whole solution.

If your child is doing too much homework and what they really need to be doing is building up the fundamentals, then you’ll still have a battle on your hands.

Children who struggle in learning need to step back and build up the basics.

They need exercises that will build their self confidence.

They need body exercises like this one to get their brain into high gear.

That’s why the Learning Success System is designed the way it is. It has all of that.

If you are having homework battles. If your child fights you, procrastinates, has the “anything but homework syndrome” then grab your copy of the learning success system.

Click on the link

Key Takeaways:

The Body can effect the mind
Motion creates emotion
An easy way to feel prepared for homework

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