If you struggle to get your child to do homework, one simple solution can be creating a reward system. But, be cautious, because if rewards are done incorrectly, they can actually be counterproductive. This article delves into the how, when, and why of reward systems to aid in your child's academic journey.

The Adult Analogy

How many adults would still go to work if there was no paycheck? Just as adults need incentives for tasks they might not inherently enjoy, children might benefit from rewards to motivate them.


The Core Problem: Understanding Resistance To tackle homework resistance, it's important to first diagnose why your child is resisting. Is it because of an uncomfortable environment, lack of clarity, or mere procrastination? Knowing this can guide the best approach to motivate them.

The Power of Token Systems

Consider introducing a token system. When a task is accomplished, reward your child with a token, which can later be exchanged for something they value.


Setting Up the Right Reward System

Engage your child in the process. Let them be part of setting their own goals and deciding their rewards. This can increase their commitment to the task at hand.


Sometimes we wake up and we've had a bad night or morning. It's these moments when a reward can make all the difference.

Gradual Weaning

After a pattern is established and homework becomes a habit, it's advisable to reduce the frequency of rewards. The habit itself becomes the reward over time.


Uncovering Learning Challenges

Sometimes, the resistance is more than just an aversion to homework. It could be an underlying learning challenge. Addressing these foundational issues is essential.


Key Takeaways:

Effective Rewarding: It's not just about giving rewards, but doing so strategically.
Understanding Resistance: Recognizing why a child resists homework is crucial.
Token System: Immediate rewards can help inculcate a positive habit.
Starting with 'why' is really important. If they don’t know how to do the math homework, then giving them a reward isn’t really going to help.

The Importance of a Reward System

"My son loves goldfish crackers. We'd place them at the end of every row of math problems. By the time he reached the bottom, he'd get to eat the cracker."


"During summer, we introduced 'chocolate chip reading'. At the end of a page, a chocolate chip waited as a reward. For my son, we even put them in the middle of the page to motivate him."


"Most times when a child resists homework, it might be due to an underlying learning challenge. Recognizing and addressing this early can pave the way for a smoother learning journey."



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