Understanding Kids Behavior
Nicole Black discusses the importance of controlling our emotions on a day to day basis. Parents are the voice in their child's head and of they are loud and out of control, then their ids will become out of control. Being a mom of three kids, Nicole Black understands the importance of dealing with kids in a positive way by being a positive voice in their kid's head. If we say just one comment, it can stick with kids for years. Read more about how a parent's emotions can affect a child at https://www.learningsuccesssystem.com/tips/cye
And if we're wanting to deescalate the situation, close your eyes and count to ten.

Key Takeaways:

It is not okay to act out and scream and hit when you are a child.
It is important to understand your kids, yet be stern with them.
If you are frustrated with your kids, then you need to deescalate the situation.

How Parents Emotions Affect Their Children and What to Do About It - Nicole Black

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