Does your child who is struggling academically have a learning disability? Perhaps it's a learning disorder. It might even be a learning difference. Different terms mean different things to different people. A doctor may treat your child's struggles as a disorder, a therapist would call it a disability and perhaps others, in an attempt to normalize the struggles and avoid a stigma see it as a difference. Regardless of the differences amongst these terms, the importance is that your child is receiving help and making progress.

Do the Differences in Learning Difficulty Matter?

Disability is actually a legal term used to provide protection and accommodation. For our children, this is most likely a term to be used in the context of educational settings and to gain access to services.

Key Takeaways:

The term learning disabilities is used mostly to describe what someone has in terms to what services they will be provided.
Learning disorders are normally used as a medical term for the type of condition you have.
The author sees the term "Learning Differences" as a judgemental term. It points out that if someone has a Disability or Disorder than they are labeled "Different".

Do You Need help with a Learning Difficulty?

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