Children with learning disabilities are not exempted from having their talents overlooked. Question: what have we been doing about this?

Some times it can’t be helped. Having children with learning disabilities requires us to focus on get them by, be it in school or in society. These frustrations are real. Parents with children with dyscalculia, for example, will pour hours on end just to get their children up to scratch on simple math formulas. And we are not even talking about dealing with bullies and such.

But children with learning disabilities are talented, too.

A star in the making?

History tells us Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Amadeus Mozart may have been on the autism spectrum. Among others, Alexander Graham Bell and Agatha Christie had dyslexia.

Present day examples? How about Tom Cruise or Whoopi Goldberg, two of Hollywood’s leading actors with dyslexia?

Begin by noticing the extraordinary or even the things your child gravitates towards. Often those with ADHD or dyslexia are extremely creative. Those with ADD actually can have amazing focus. Those with Asperger’s often display amazing characteristics.

Dig deep, get involved

Simply seek avenues to nurture those talents. Find a support group or center where your child can easily blend in and tap into those gifts. But, more importantly, you should be involved in your child’s life. A lot hinges on the parents to be present in the life of their children – this regardless if they have learning disabilities or not.

We at Learning Success believe that building up self confidence and self-esteem are critical to a child’s wellbeing. So tap that talent pool, and if you need help, just contact us. You may also subscribe to us for the latest updates.

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