The Meaning Of Dysgraphia
Judy Hanning / Jul 11, 2019
:People who have dysgraphia can usually write on some level, but they have issues with different fine motor skills.Read more
Getting Over Dysgraphia
Judy Hanning / Jul 2, 2019
There are plenty of ways to help fix Dysgraphia and creating a good learning environment will facilitate it.Read more
The Life Long Struggle With Dysgraphia
Judy Hanning / Jun 20, 2019
Want to learn about dysgraphia from the perspective of a child who has it? Watch this video by Tori Burows and learn about the challenges that come with this condition!Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 12, 2019
It’s hard to imagine the difficulty some children may have processing words and writing letters. This video will help you understand. Make sure your child is getting all the help they may need!Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 1, 2019
Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about you? How about your signature? Your handwriting indicates more than 5,000 different personality traits!Read more
Caroline / Apr 10, 2019
Riley Reese, shared this video of her son, Ethan, to explain his battle with Dyslexia and to help spread awareness.Read more
Liz Weaver / Jan 9, 2019
Does your child struggle to get ideas down on paper? Many do. Use this simple writing tip to develop the skills to get past it.Read more
Hannah Roberts / Jan 3, 2019
Dyslexia gets a lot of coverage but there are many more learning disabilities. Many of then not very well known. At the core, they may have similar weaknesses in the learning systems but express themselves differently. Here's a quick overview of a few of them. Knowing the major categories of learning challenges is a good start to helping your chil become a fantastic learner. (Make sure to take the free assessment while your there)Read more
Judy Hanning / Dec 11, 2018
Handwriting is a necessary skill for developing learning skills. Handwriting and Learning go together. Handwriting seems like such a basic skill, but not for today's youth. More and more children communicate through text speak and use electronic means for communication. Penmanship is slowly becoming a lost art. Learn more in this infographic.Read more
Liz Weaver / Nov 28, 2018
By developing handwriting you build a stronger connection between the body and mind. You incorporate multiple language centers and develop stronger learning skillsRead more