Staying focused is the hardest part of having ADHD. Even when it seems like you have a handle on yourself and your concentration, it's easy to get swept up in life's hectic speed and lose focus on the tasks at hand. Luckily, this video provides some useful and easy brain hacks to stay on task. One of the main tips is to set a timer to go off 10-15 minutes before you intend to begin a task, which can give ample time to prepare and get things done on time.

For deadlines or to-do lists, you can write reminders on a sticky note and stick them on your TV screen, computer screen, calendar or randomly on the wall. You can also use your phone for notification alerts, but rather than just setting general reminders, be specific. For trouble getting ready in the morning, set two or three alarm clocks to go off across the room. And always have a specific place to keep objects like your car keys, wallet, etc. In general, staying organized can minimize the time you would spend searching for things you've misplaced and keep you on-task.

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Key Takeaways:

Use a timer as a reminder for a task 10-15 minutes before you have to begin.
If you have a sticky note attached to something of importance then you're going to look at it.
Put an alarm clock or multiple alarm clocks on the other side of the room in the morning.

ADHD ADVICE #1- Getting Organized

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