Phil: What are the symptoms of Adhd?

Merriam:  00:20:39  Well, there are 18 different symptoms, so we can list them all. But I'm sure, you know, as we mentioned before there are actually different types. There's hyperactive and attentive and combined type and you just need a minimum of six in order to to meet the criteria for the diagnosis. it does have to be diagnosed before the age of 12 or the symptoms that we, I'm sorry, it doesn't have to be diagnosed with the symptoms need to have appeared before the age of 12.

Phil:  00:21:06  Why is that?

Merriam:  00:21:08  Well I guess you'd have to ask the, the DSM-5, the diagnostic manual that we use, but they determined it used to be earlier and it used to be seven and in the latest revision of the manual, they, they increased it to 12, which would capture a lot more children that might have that and you can diagnose it as an adult. absolutely. If that adult adult can reference recalling having had those symptoms before the age of 12 and the other, the other thing is that this, a level of impairment has to occur in two different settings. So if you have a child who's an angel in school and, and just, you know, awful at home, that child does not have ADHD because it's not something that can be controlled so they can control and in one setting and not the other, then that's not what's going on.


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So if you have a child who's an angel in school and, and just, you know, awful at home, that child does not have ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD / ADD

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