utilize smartphones usage effectively
James / Jul 1, 2020
The rapid development of online applications and games can occupy too much of children's time. It's also alarming how easily children can become addicted. We can't deny the usefulness of smartphones but it's best to use them in a healthy manner,Read more
Emotionally Connected to Ourselves
James / Jun 29, 2020
Parenting is never an easy role to play. It requires being in tune with our senses and the ability to function soundly. At some point, parents may lose this soundness and it may require tapping again into our inner wisdom and intuition.Read more
Establishing a Homework Checklist
James / Jun 27, 2020
Being efficient at homework makes for better learning, a happier home, and huge time savings. Learn these tips now.Read more
The 2:1 Strategy
James / Jun 24, 2020
Having a balance of electronic use and physical play is critical for kids' development. Here's a strategy to help with that.Read more
Liz Weaver / Jun 9, 2020
Under a lot of stress? Studies show that mothers of struggling students can have near clinical levels of stressRead more
Judy Hanning / Apr 20, 2020
A daily stroll with your child can improve their memory and attention. Find out what other exercises will make you smarter.Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 19, 2020
Here are 6 ways to keep your brain from aging rapidly. All you have to do is maintain healthy habits.Read more
Imagination And Electronics
Judy Hanning / Mar 21, 2020
If you are using screens with your child, then creating is a lot better than consuming.Read more
IEP Help
Judy Hanning / Mar 19, 2020
It can be hard to attend a meeting for IEP, but the people there are on your side.Read more
Positive Parenting
Judy Hanning / Mar 18, 2020
If a child fails at something, or lies, it is important to control your emotions in front of them.Read more