Helping Kids By Helping Yourself
Judy Hanning / Mar 10, 2020
Being calm is a great way to handle stress and it prevents you from being angry at your kids.Read more
Kids And Phones
Judy Hanning / Mar 9, 2020
Limiting the screen time your kids are exposed to can help them out a lot with creativity.Read more
Managing Emotions
Judy Hanning / Mar 8, 2020
You should treat your emotions like you do your diet and only use positive ones inside.Read more
Helping Kids Get Off Screens
Judy Hanning / Mar 7, 2020
Kids today do not play as much as they used to and they are attached to their screens.Read more
Screens And Kids
Judy Hanning / Mar 6, 2020
Kids are on devices all the time even at school, so safety is important when dealing with too much exposure to the actual apparatus.Read more
Tasks To Help Kids
Judy Hanning / Mar 5, 2020
Having balance in life is essential to functioning in a way to help your kids out.Read more
Admittance To IEP
Judy Hanning / Mar 3, 2020
You must be tested before you are admitted into the IEP program that is available.Read more
Parents and Students
Judy Hanning / Mar 1, 2020
It is important to have a balanced life when it comes to the phones and screens we interact with.Read more
Remaining Calm For Kids
Judy Hanning / Feb 29, 2020
Being calm is essential before interacting with your kids, so you do not act out in rage.Read more
Controlling Screen Time
Judy Hanning / Feb 28, 2020
Making better habits with your phone is a good idea cause in our society it can be addicting.Read more