root / Jan 15, 2022
Did you know that there are different types of dyslexia? And understanding each one helps you get to the bottom of the problem. This video explains.Read more
Life With Dyscalculia
Judy Hanning / Dec 13, 2020
There are ways to learn to live with dyslexia and deal with it in a positive way.Read more
Liz Weaver / Jun 9, 2020
Under a lot of stress? Studies show that mothers of struggling students can have near clinical levels of stressRead more
Judy Hanning / Jun 8, 2020
Most teachers don't understand the challenges of dyslexia in students. When a learning difference is not managed, everyone loses. Children struggle. They fall behind. They give up. Parents find this situation very difficult. But it doesn't have to be this way. Early intervention helps children fulfill their true potential. These smart children deserve the help they need to succeed. Find out how to help in this article.Read more
Explaining Dyslexia
Judy Hanning / May 13, 2020
Dyslexic people have different processing times and reading tasks can be very bad and detrimental to them.Read more
Making Mistakes With Dyslexia
Judy Hanning / Apr 21, 2020
The last thing a dyslexic person needs is to be put into a class where they speak a different language.Read more
A Dyslexic Blogger
Judy Hanning / Apr 19, 2020
Being dyslexic and a blogger is something that can be challenging but also a great learning process.Read more
Literature On Dyslexia
Judy Hanning / Apr 18, 2020
The Dyslexic Advantage is a book that shows you the strengths that exist in dyslexic people.Read more
Making A Room Dyslexic Friendly
Judy Hanning / Apr 10, 2020
An example of a classroom that is inclusive is one that is friendly to kids with dyslexia.Read more
Early Childhood Help
Judy Hanning / Apr 8, 2020
Intervening earlier in your child's development with positive lessons is a great way to let them grow.Read more